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AC Duct Test and Repair Rebate program
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The AC Duct Testing and Repair Program is the most sought after energy efficiency program we offer.

Leaky AC duct connections is the largest menace to not only a temperature-comfort household but also to the power bill, wasting on average $200 plus a year. 

We offer testing, repair and sealing for one charge per air conditioner.


While every home can benefit from the service, SRP customers can qualify for an instant rebate.   

Insulation evaluation and installation

Insulation is an important tool in protection from the blistering Arizona summer and keeping the warmth in during our milder winters.


Installed properly, insulation slows down the transmission of heat into the living spaces of your home.


We install both batten and loose blown-in types of insulation depending on your need and the application desired. 

Radiant Heat Barrier Installation
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A radiant heat barrier is made of highly reflective material reinforced with a middle fabric layer making it puncture and tear resistant. 

Unlike mass insulation that merely slows down or resists the transfer of heat, a radiant barrier blocks the transfer of up to 97% of the radiant heat.


With a radiant barrier properly installed, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat being introduced into the attic space, lowering attic temperatures up to 40 degrees.